December 27th, 2009


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-Hand-held bug zapper. Think of it as an electrified tennis racket. I really hate flying insects, so I liked this gift more than you would think.

-Three bottle cap-sized chunks of the Berlin Wall. They came from a German business that deals in antiques, so I know they are legit. I've always wanted this part of history, and since this year is the 20th anniversary of its destruction I figured I might as well ask for it this Christmas.

-Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. I've taken an interest in his books in general and this one in particular, as it deals with the possibility of a war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, a scenario I've been curious about for a long time.

-Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War and all of its expansions. After playing with my roommate last quarter I've decided to explore PC gaming more than I have before.

-World in Conflict: Complete Edition. This game lets you play as both sides in another WWIII story (noticing a pattern here?).

-A puppy! Okay, the new Boxer Dexter was more for my parents than it was for me, but I still love him.

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